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Natural Gas Offers Many Advantages and OptionsNatural gas cook-top with Lexington Utilities logo

Choosing natural gas for your home offers many benefits and advantages that will help you save money, improve the environment and increase your comfort. Whether you are currently using heating oil, propane or electricity, switching to gas is the natural choice for home heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces and outdoor living applications.

Lower Your Energy Costs

Natural gas has historically cost 10 to 50 percent less than electricity, heating oil or propane. In addition, natural gas heating systems cost less to maintain and have higher efficiencies than heating oil systems. Gas furnaces are up to 98 percent efficient. Heating oil systems can reach maximum efficiency levels of only 87 percent.

The average American family spends half of its energy dollars on home heating. Natural gas heating systems typically cost less to operate than other fuels. No matter where you live, natural gas is the economical choice. That’s why the majority of home buyers in the United States choose natural gas as their primary heating fuel. In most areas, a high-efficiency gas furnace costs up to 60 percent less to operate than a standard oil heating system and up to 40 percent less than an electric heat pump or electric furnace.

Natural gas water heaters are one of the most economical choices available. In fact, a 40-gallon conventional gas water heater actually produces more hot water than a 50-gallon conventional electric system. With fast heat-up, a natural gas system requires less time and storage to keep the hot water running.

Everyday Convenience and Savings

Natural gas cooktops now provide more precision and control than ever. Maximum-output burners provide faster heat-up,quicker boiling times, and higher performance than their electric counterparts. Low-output burners are designed to perfectly simmer delicate foods and sauces. Precise temperature control and even heat distribution mean better-prepared, better tasting food. Advances in technology have made natural gas cooktops and ovens even more efficient and convenient. Today’s appliances use electric ignition, eliminating the need for pilot lights and saving up to 30 percent in energy costs.

A natural gas dryer heats up faster than an electric one. This saves you both time and money. In fact, you can dry two loads of laundry with a gas dryer for about the same cost as drying one load with an electric dryer. Extended fabric life, faster heat-up and shorter drying time saves more than just energy and time. It’s actually much gentler on fabrics, which preserves the life of your clothing. Fewer wrinkles with "no static cling moisture sensors" in natural gas dryers prevent over-drying of fabrics, and virtually eliminate static cling. Also, natural gas dryers have better temperature control, resulting in fewer wrinkles. Natural gas dryers have an average life of about 12 years. And with fewer moving parts than an electric dryer, they are less likely to break down, giving you more years of trouble-free operation.

Natural gas grills are convenient, safe, fast and easy to use. Forget the worry of running out of propane in the middle of a barbecue and the hassle of refilling the tank. Gas grills tap directly into your home’s natural gas supply.

These are only a few examples of how natural gas can reduce your costs and make life a little more stress-free. Visit our Incentives and Rebates page for extra savings! For additional information, please contact us or take our brief Natural Gas Survey to request natural gas service.

Last updated: 4/7/2014 11:06:14 AM